Old Geezer

I am a drawer of pictures. I won't go so far as to call myself an artist just yet. I do a
lot of sketching using mostly ordinary lead pencils. I work with grays because my
color perception is all messed up by Age Related Macular Degeneration. For that
reason, I rarely try drawing or painting with colors. It is one one of those things that
happens to us all, if we live long enough.

For background, I was born in 1946 and grew up in Texas. That qualifies me as an
old geezer. I joined the U.S. Navy when I was 18 years old and retired as a Senior
Chief Petty Officer when I was 42 years old. During the span of time that I was in the
Navy, I visited every troublesome and unpleasant place on the planet at least once.
I am a veteran of the Vietnam War.

When I was a youngster, I drew all of the time - mostly just the faces and heads of
men. I gave it up when I joined the Navy, except for occasional doodling. I started
drawing again in early 2017, after I moved from Texas to Indiana and found out that
I would be stuck in the house most of the time in the wintertime. I needed a hobby
and drawing was a natural choice for me.

I am not Norman Rockwell but I believe my work is interesting and unique.  I have
many interests and I draw about anything that crosses my mind. My style is
freestyle and rough. The way I see it - if you want something to look like a
photograph then you should take a picture of it with a camera. My drawings all
lookl like drawings - that is for sure. Many of my drawings can be called
caricatures. The humans and animals sometimes look more like cartoon characters
than real living beings. That is the way I like it. I don't spend a lot of time trying to
make my drawings look like photographs. But I always try to convey feelings,
moods and emotions in my drawings - so they will tell a story.

I hope you enjoy looking at it.

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You can look at it all you want to, for free. If you see something you like, I will sell
you the original sketch for $10, with free postage. Each sketch will be signed by
me. Each item will be placed in a rigid cardboard mat and shipped well padded, to
protect it during shipment. Payments will be processed through PayPal. You will
also receive a printed proof of each sketch. Shipment will be from New Haven,
Indiana 46774. I try to ship orders within 48 hours after I receive notification of
payment through PayPal.


If you want something done special, please contact me.

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"If I can't picture it, I can't
understand it." - Albert Einstein
I am putting this website together to
showcase some of my sketches.
Buffalo hunter.
Hard case.
Old West Peace Officer.
The sketches presented here are intended to be a
Memorial Tribute to the pioneers, cowboys, patriots,
military people, law enforcement officers, American
Indians and animals depicted.