I am a drawer of pictures. I hesitate to call myself an artist just yet. I do a lot of
sketching . I mostly draw with regular lead pencils - the yellow wooden ones we all
used in school. Working with grays is easier for me because my color perception
is not what it used to be. For that reason, I rarely draw using colors.

For background, I was born in 1946 and grew up in Texas. My age qualifies me as
an old geezer. I joined the U.S. Navy when I was 18 years old and retired as a
Senior Chief Petty Officer when I was 42 years old. During the span of time that I
was in the Navy, I visited every unpleasant and troublesome place on the planet at
least once. I am a veteran of the Vietnam War.

When I was a youngster, I drew all of the time - mostly just the faces and heads of
men. I gave it up when I joined the Navy, except for occasional doodling. I started
drawing again in early 2017, after I moved from Texas to Indiana and found out that
I would be stuck in the house most of the time in the wintertime. I needed a hobby
and drawing was a natural choice for me.

Life takes us all down many different roads - through many bends and turns.
Yesterday I was a healthy and energetic young man. Today I am a weak and frail
old geezer, pretty much bound to my home. Rather than sitting around moping
and feeling sorry for myself, I decided to celebrate by sharing some of my
memories and experiences in the best way I know - by drawing about it. It is my
way of telling stories. Not all of it is based on personal experiences but much of it
is. With some of it, I just let my imagination go wild and have fun with it.

Drawing is a passion with me. I get a great deal of pleasure doing it and I hope you
enjoy looking at it. I typically turn out 4 or 5 drawings a day - sometimes more. I
keep everything I draw.

I am not Norman Rockwell but I believe my artwork is interesting.  I have many
interests and I draw about anything that crosses my mind. My technique is
freestyle and rough. Many artists try to make their drawings look like photographs.
I don't do that. The way I see it - if you want something to look like a photograph
then you should take a picture of it with a camera. My drawings all look like
drawings, on purpose. Some of my drawings can even be called caricatures. The
humans and animals sometimes look more like cartoon characters than real living
beings. I always try to convey feelings, moods and emotions in my drawings - so
they will tell a story.

By the way - I am afflicted with age related macular degeneration.  I am classified
as "blind" by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles. I get a chuckle about that. How
many blind artists do you know?

Profits made from this website are
donated to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital foundation,

Contact Information

I will appreciate hearing from you. Your comments and opinions are important. I
have many of my sketches posted on Facebook.  I encourage you to leave
comments there.  I don't use a guestbook. The best way to communicate with me
is through Facebook Messenger. I check in there several times a day. You can also
leave comments on my timeline postings.

You can communicate with me directly through Facebook by following the link


You can also reach me by email at:


Have fun surfing!
"If I can't picture it, I can't
understand it." - Albert Einstein
Staying in the
Old timey blacksmith.
Cavalry trooper
Click on image to make it larger.
Dos vaqueros.
The tracker.
Honest face
Jumping Jack Flash
Winter ride.
Setting the dead
man post
Grandpa baiting a fish
Horse head.
Day's end.
Napping under
the shade tree
Long ago - far away.
Eye of the artist.
Move it out.
Kicking back.
Big rig.
Buffalo hunter.
Wild horses.
Hugs for Grandpa.
On watch.
Scaling the rigging
to set the sails.
Keeping the peace.
Cooking up bacon.
A stogie for General Grant
Soldier boy
The Colonel
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Raring horse head
Big Country
Raring to go
People watching
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Country doctor
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Single purchase
Bear on the run.
Father of the US Navy
Have a nice day
Racial segregation
Ranger rides.
First hunt
Techie Grandpa
Grandpa's pocket watch
Custom Renderings : I will do sketches of
people, horses and dogs using photographs
Old Love Birds
Knight of the rails
Snow cone man
Clint Eastwood
John Boy Walton
Working cowboy
Sacred one.
Strong medicine
Old Navy CPO
James Walker Fannin
John Paul Jones
I have to limit the number of commissions I accept.
Please contact me to make the arrangements.
Stand off
John J. "Black
Jack" Pershing
Double Mountains
Cowboy hat
In thought.
Times gone by
Callahan rides
Good Methodist
Chief takes charge
Circuit rider
Lone stallion
Rebel Captain
Callahan's Expedition
Minuteman Ranger
I am offering to sell my original art here at a very good
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donated to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

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Frontier Texas Ranger
circa 1850