AMERICANA    Original Sketches
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A band of happy hobos circa 1935
Red neck on guard.
COUNTRY FOLKS: Biscuits and gravy coming up!
Country man and a friend.
Hobo going where the work is during
hard times.
Texas Chaparral Cock - Roadrunner
Western diamondback rattlesnake.
Good friends.
A Comanche chasing buffalo. The
buffalo were large and powerful beasts
and hunting them was very dangerous.
The Comanche's traditionally used a
long spear to make the kills. They
often ran the buffalo, to tire them out
and take some of the fight out of them.
When they could, they ran the buffalo
off of high cliffs or herded them into
boxed canyons ,to make killing them
easier and less hazardous.
Hobo making supper.
Hobo all dressed up.
Hobo fishing.
Hobo waiting for a train.