WESTERN SCENERY   Original Sketches
In my drawings, much of the background scenery is based on my memories of what I saw
growing up in the region of west Texas known as the Comancheria. I did not know anything
about it at the time. I knew it had been Indian Country. As a kid, I spent many hours climbing
around in the canyons, exploring old caves, and digging around in old campsites.

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Enchanted mountains in Comancheria. The Double
Mountains are two flat topped buttes or mesas that are
situated on the staked plains of west Texas in Stonewall
County, Texas. Not mountains at all, they look very
impressive on that open flat land, with the rolling hills and big
sky. First mentioned by early Spanish explorers, Quanah
Parker brought his band there to winter over. On a clear day,
they can be seen from over 30 miles away.
Comancheria in the spring time.
Buffalo on the range.
A white buffalo. Considered to
be sacred by the Comanches.
Cowboy sunset.
God's paint brush.
Coyote in the moonlight.
Fenced in.
Rabbit on the praiie.
Free range.
Prairie dog.